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A Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse is when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun. The moon's shadow falls on the Earth's surface and blocks out the sun's light as we see it from the Earth.

The moon crosses the Earth's orbital plane only twice a year because the moon orbits the Earth at an angle. For an eclipse to take place, the moon must be in the correct phase. For a solar eclipse, it must be a new moon.

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Self Improvement

The Appeal Of The Quiz Show

The humble quiz game appeals to millions, with many of them obsessed with appearing on such shows and winning a truckload of money.

The concept of public quizzes started back in the 1930s with the Spelling Bees. Broadcast radio picked the quiz format of the game and reached a wider audience. These radio quizzes were popular because they had normal people coming on air and hearing themselves live for the first time.

The world’s current lockdown obsession


Comfort Decorating

The spaces we spend most of our time in have a significant impact on our mindset. That's why many people are redoing their homes to become cosier, calming and efficient.

It is named "comfort decorating" and restores a sense of normalcy since the pandemic started.

'Comfort Decorating' Is All About Making Your Home A Sanctuary : Life Kit


Keanu Reeves

“Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, so live today!"

Keanu Reeves Quotes That Convey Powerful Messages


Carl Sagan

"For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love."

The infinite, quotable wisdom of Carl Sagan


  • Absorption. People who become more absorbed in their experiences are more likely to experience awe.
  • Following a set of instructions to focus one's attention on the details of a natural environment can promote absorption.
  • Mindfulness meditation involves focusing your attention on your current experience while resisting distractions.
  • Actively using imagination helps with absorption. Those high in absorption are more prone to use mental imagery.

Why awesome natural beauty drops the jaw and lifts the spirit | Psyche Ideas


The Relationship Between Goals And Burning Out

Effective goal-setting underlies the fundamental aspect of your motivation and keeps stressful situations at bay.

If you don’t set goals in positive, attainable ways, you may fall into a cycle of stress and negative emotions, hindering your decision-making, breeding a lack of creativity, and eventually making you feel mentally exhausted and burnt out.

The ultimate psychological guide to burnout recovery


The word "blockbuster" has wartime origins

The word first appeared in the pages of TIME. It was an article on the Allied bombing of key industrial targets in Italy. The bombs used were called blockbusters because of their ability to destroy an entire city block.

With time, the word entered the American lexicon as a metaphor for something shocking and explosive.

Why Hit Movies Are Called Blockbusters


  1. Work the hard tasks first - If you finish the easy tasks first there won't be any reason for you to push through your task list because it will seem even more difficult
  2. Place a buffer - Aim as high as you want but don't put too much pressure on yourself because it will lessen your motivation
  3. Minimize recurrent decisions - Prioritize making better decisions and worry less on things that are not important
  4. Practice delayed gratification
  5. Learn useful skills.

Future Self: How To Think Ahead And Love The Present


How to overcome burnout
  • Prioritise Nourishment.  Get quality rest, eat food that will fuel your body's recovery, exercise gently, get fresh air and also nourish your heart.
  • Acknowledge Your Part.  Face the real reasons you burned out.
  • Build Some Guide Rails.  Establish new boundaries. It's about knowing the difference between the things you’re willing to go the extra mile for when life demands it, and the things that mean enough to you for you to enforce your boundaries.

  • Don’t Do it Alone. You don't need to do everything yourself. It’s okay to seek support.

  • Give a Damn. Sometimes, being in a bad place can be the perfect opportunity to make some new choices.

How to Bounce Back From a Burnout Better Than Before



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