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The filmmaker needs to scout for the best shooting locations. This is a fun part where there is lots of travel, clicking pictures and shooting small videos. Choose places that can accommodate the actors and the cameras, lights, crew as well.

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Self Improvement



An opera is generally referred to as a stage presentation or work that combines music, costumes, and scenery to tell a story. Most operas are sung, with few or no spoken lines. 

The word "opera" is actually a shortened word for the term "opera in musica".

We have two mental systems that work side by side whenever we are thinking about something or feeling a certain way, these two systems are intentional and monitoring systems.

  • The former orients our attention to focus on our tasks or our goal state and it requires a lot of effort to do this.
  • The latter's only job is to recognize if our attention is being deviated from said task or goal and alert the intentional system to work harder.

Now, there is an imbalance in the task difficulty between the two systems .

We must realize that we are avoiding putting our creativity out in the open. Creativity isn’t just composing music or painting. It can be coaching and mentoring, collaborating with others in a meeting, researching, writing emails. Anything that is not administrative or busy work can be a creative task.

For maximum impact, we have to face our fear of avoidance and make it a habit to create and put out our work in the open for all to see, every day if possible.

Studies found that if you don't feel as if you belong somewhere, it can lead to mental health problems. Fandom communities provide opportunities to avoid this.

But, only liking people that are 'like us' can lead to 'in-group bias', thinking everyone outside that group is wrong while people who are part of lots of friendship groups or communities tend to be quite open-minded.

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