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The Fear of Putting Our Work Out There - zen habits

The Fear of Putting Our Work Out There - zen habits

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Putting Your Work Out There

Putting Your Work Out There

If we have a new idea, blog, online content or anything we have created, there is an inherent fear of putting it out into the world for everyone else to see. It is an inevitable fear that most of us face.

If creation is not happening, work is being avoided, innovation not getting worked on, there is a good chance we are living in that fear.


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The Core Of Our Fear

We are uncertain about ourselves due to the world being dismissive, uncertain and judgemental. We think we risk being labelled as stupid, rejected by others or getting embarrassed.

The real risk of this fear is the possibility that our creativity and abilities will have no impact on this world because we chose to keep it to ourselves.


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Face Your Fear Of Avoidance

We must realize that we are avoiding putting our creativity out in the open. Creativity isn’t just composing music or painting. It can be coaching and mentoring, collaborating with others in a meeting, researching, writing emails. Anything that is not administrative or busy work can be a creative task.

For maximum impact, we have to face our fear of avoidance and make it a habit to create and put out our work in the open for all to see, every day if possible.


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