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Being away from work(for many months or years) takes its toll on the confidence levels as we are out of practice and feel out of touch with our ‘work’ self. There may be new rules, laws and ways of doing things that are not known to us yet.

There can be insecurities related to younger employees who are now promoted, and as many of us have our entire identities connected with our job, these new developments can result in loss of self-esteem.

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Self Improvement


  • Milan's "fashion week": Since 1958, the National Chamber for Italian Fashion (Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana) organised fashion events, but some of the largest design houses, such as Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci, show independently.
  • Paris Fashion Week (1945). There are two "fashion weeks" in Paris - the high fashion shows and the ready to wear shows. Most shows appear under the banner of the French Fashion Federation, which controls accreditation for their shows, but there are some independent events during Paris Fashion Week as well.
Makeup During The 20th Century
  • During the beginning of the century, the pale complexion symbolised an aristocratic person who did not have to work for their income. Makeup sought to reproduce this pale appearance.
  • After the 1920s, designers followed Hollywood’s lead, and Coco Chanel popularised a now classic look: dark eyes, red lipstick and a suntan.
  • During WWII, makeup was in short supply. Beetroot became a popular supplement for lip stain and boot polish was used as mascara.
  • The rise of mainstream feminism in the 1960s and 70s saw many women partaking in an anti-cosmetics movement. They claimed that makeup was a tool in objectification.
  • The 1970s was a time of real boom for men wearing makeup.
  • 1980s looks featured bright eye shadows teamed with bold lipsticks and big hair.
  • The 1990s brought normcore and grunge to the mainstream.

Many cities were indeed abandoned around 1,100 years ago, including Tikal, Copan and Palenque. A recent study suggests that drought may have played an important role.

But other Maya cities grew for a time, such as Chichén Itzá. Council houses - places where people in a community gathered - flourished after the ninth century. But, when the Spanish arrived, they brought diseases that decimated the Maya. Despite the devastation, the Maya people continue to increase.

Building a business or career is hard work. It takes time and energy to learn a new skill.

All successful people who've done well for themselves and their communities say the same thing: There is no way around hard work. Instead of focusing on the outcomes like, "I want to make $300K with ads," focus on how you can work better.

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