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100 Ways to Simplify Your Life (and Make Yourself Happier)

100 Ways to Simplify Your Life (and Make Yourself Happier)


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100 Ways to Simplify Your Life (and Make Yourself Happier)

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I’ve been striving to simplify my life for many years now, and recently, through my writing, have been advising others how to do the same.

In the process, I’ve learned that making little changes in our attitudes, habits, and environment can have a big impact.

So today, I thought I’d compile a list of 100 ways to simplify your life – from the practical to the philosophical, and everything in between.

Note: not every item on the list will work for every person reading it.


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Around The House

1. Ditch the TV (or at least turn if off). If you’re an average viewer, you’ll save over a hundred precious hours each month. An added bonus: less exposure to commercials means less desire to buy stuff, and more money in your pocket.

2. Cancel magazine subscriptions. Read the content online instead, and avoid accumulating a pile of reading material.

3. Read news online, instead of on paper. You’ll save plenty of time, and plenty of trees, by reading only the articles that interest you.

4. Get rid of excessive furniture, so there’s less to walk around, trip over, or move when you have to clean.


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Wardrobe And Style

21. Hang up clothes, or put them in a hamper, as soon as you take them off. Avoid starting a “floordrobe” or piling them on a chair, and you’ll have less straightening up to do later.

22. Organize your clothes by category. For example, hang all your pants, skirts, or shirts together so you can quickly find what you need.

23. Use containers to corral accessories like jewelry, watches, or scarves, instead of scattering them about.

24. Choose versatile clothing. The more ways you can wear something, the fewer items you’ll need.


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Kitchen And Dining

36. Love those leftovers. Cook extra for dinner, and have it for lunch the next day.

37. Cook a week’s worth of meals at a time , and freeze for later (Google “batch cooking” for recipes and instructions).

38. Plan your meals in advance. You’ll spend less time staring into your refrigerator, wondering what to make.


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Office And Tech

46. Stop as much incoming paperwork as possible. Get off mailing lists, cancel catalogs, and sign up for online billing and statements. The less physical mail you have to deal with, the better!

47. Print as little as possible. Don’t give yourself more stuff to file. Instead, print to a PDF file using free software like cutePDF or pdf995.

48. Digitize your paperwork. It’ll take up less space, and give you easier access to it.

49. Backup to the cloud. Use an online storage service, as an alternative to DVDs or an external hard drive.


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Time Management

66. Learn to say no. It can be difficult, but will ensure you have enough time and energy for the stuff that really matters.

67. Delegate. Give up trying to do everything yourself; get employees to help with projects, and children to help with chores.

68. Limit your commitments. Don’t increase your number of obligations; drop old ones to make way for the new.

69. Right-size your expectations. When you expect too much of yourself and others, disappointment and stress are often the result.


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81. Keep an open mind. Life is infinitely more interesting and pleasant when you’re willing to consider opinions and viewpoints that differ from your own.

82. Accept others for who they are. Live and let live, and you’ll have much less to worry about.

83. Live in the present. Don’t spend excessive hours pining for the past, or fretting about the future. Be here now.

84. Don’t meddle in other people’s business. Concentrate on keeping your own life in order, and don’t worry about everyone else’s.


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96. Downsize your digs. A smaller home means less to maintain, less to clean, and less to pay in mortgage, utilities, and rent.

97. Go car-free. If you can walk, bike, or take public transit where you need to go, consider ditching your car. If you’re in a multi-car household, consider whether you can get by with one less car.

98. Avoid advertising like the plague. When you don’t know an item exists, you won’t stress over desiring, acquiring, or paying for it.


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Now that I have finished my final exams, I am taking this summer as the opportunity to declutter my life and for a fresh restart. This article has helped me realise that decluttering shouldn't only be a one time activity but a continuous mindset.