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How to quiet your mind by doing a brain dump

How to quiet your mind by doing a brain dump


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The Brain Is Always On

From the moment we first open our eyes in the morning to the moment we go to bed, we’re confronted with a barrage of decisions. Which outfit should I wear? What should I make for dinner? What’s the fastest route to take to work today? Our minds are often full of a continuous stream of tasks, ...

The truth is, our mind isn’t at its best or at its most creative when it’s being held under the weight of thousands of tasks and projects.

We need to work on clearing our mind and freeing up space—both physically and mentally—to allow our creative ideas to start flowing.

The Brain Dump Exercise

Try something called a “brain dump” in the first hour of your day. This exercise, which only requires 10 minutes, can help you empty your mind of negative thoughts and streamline your focus on what matters most.

It works like this: Take a few minutes to write d...

One can try embracing quiet reflection and moments of doing absolutely nothing. When you disconnect from distractions, you give space for your mind to create new pathways.

If you’re hesitant to break away because you feel that you’re on a roll, be mindful that it might be a false impre...

Be In Nature

It’s been proven that spending time in nature relieves attention fatigue and increases our creativity. If you’ve been using your brain to multitask—as most of us do most of the day—and then you set that aside and go on a walk, without all of the gadgets, you’ve let the prefrontal cortex recov...

Our never-ending obligations are important, but those flashes of creativity, the ones that come to you spontaneously in some quiet hours, are pushed to the back of your mind.

Honouring your passion can help you tap into your emotions and boost your creative genius, but only if you ...

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