Whose ethics should be programmed into the robots of tomorrow? - Deepstash
Whose ethics should be programmed into the robots of tomorrow?

Whose ethics should be programmed into the robots of tomorrow?

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Robot Ethics: Key Takeaways

Robot Ethics: Key Takeaways

  • Whether it's driverless cars to personal robots, AI will have to make decisions that could significantly affect our lives. 
  • One way to instill ethics in AI is to have everyone vote on what robots should do in particular situations. But are values and morals really about what the majority want? 
  • When we make moral decisions, we each weigh up principles and certain values. It's unlikely that we can recreate that in AI.


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Human Bias In Choices: The Moral Machine Experiment

Human Bias In Choices: The Moral Machine Experiment

  • An international team of philosophers, scientists, and data analysts held The Moral Machine Experiment.
  • 40 million responses across 233 countries and territories about what people would do in this or that moral situation.
  •  The problems were modifications to the famous “trolley problem” — the thought experiment which asks whether it’s better to actively kill one person or passively let more than one person die.
  • Most people favour humans over animals, many humans over fewer, and younger over older.
  • Respondents prefered saving women over men, doctors over athletes, and the fit over the unfit.


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The Democratization of Values for Ethical AI

The Democratization of Values for Ethical AI

In many cases, our intentions and actions are jarringly different; the millions of dollars wasted on unused gym memberships and the scattered ground of broken marriages are testament to that. In other situations, we simply don’t know what we would do.

Also, it’s not clear that values and ethics are something that should be democratized. The lone and brave good person is just as good in a mass of bad. 


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The Purpose of Thought Experiments

  • Moral thought experiments serve to perturb the initial conditions of a moral situation until one's intuitions vary.
  • This can be philosophically useful insofar as we may be able to analyze which salient feature of the dilemma caused that variance.
  • Thought experiments are evidence that either corroborates or falsifies a certain hypothesis. They are not the hypothesis itself.


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Building An Ethical AI

Building An Ethical AI

There are a great many philosophical problems raised by emerging technology and AI. As machines start to integrate more and more into our lives, they will inevitably face more and more ethical decisions. On any given day, you will make a great many ethical decisions, and a significant number of these will be your choice based on your values. 

There is no “perfect moral citizen” and there is no black and white when it comes to right and wrong. If there were, ethics would be a much less interesting area of study.


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