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What to Do If Your Job Compromises Your Morals

What to Do If Your Job Compromises Your Morals



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Moral injury in the workplace

Moral injury is a trauma response to witnessing or participating in workplace behaviours that contradict one’s moral beliefs in high-stakes situations.

Organisational decision makers are ultimately responsible for preventing moral injury, yet individual employees are often forced to deal wi...

Terms used to describe responses to moral events.

  • Moral challenges are single incidents or low-stakes transgressions, such as using lower-quality materials or requiring an employee to stay late as an exception.
  • Moral stressors involve more subs...

Confront denial and listen to your pain

Denial of moral injury can be a coping mechanism. But that instinct to survive can lead to organisational Stockholm syndrome, where you form a bond with your abusive environment while ignoring its harmful effects.

If you find yourself saying, “She probably didn’t mean it that way”, or “He’s...

Moral injury is often described as the wounding of the soul and needs a particular kind of attention to heal. An honest conversation with a trusted professional is a good way to release the emotional pain.

Restoration isn’t a quick process, but if you want to leave behind the remnants of mo...

Avoid vengeful and entitled reactions

The bitterness of moral injury can lead to craving revenge. However, any momentary satisfaction will be short-lived as you'll be compromising the very values that were injured.

Learning to self-regulate is critical to steering clear of acting impulsively. A close confidant, mentor, or coach...

When your conscience has been wounded, choosing forgiveness requires you to step back and explore your relationship to this often misunderstood value.

  • Forgiveness is not the restoration of trust. Forgiveness means letting go of your bitterness and desire to pay back fo...

Shed shame to restore your moral center

Grappling with the harm we've caused is one of the most painful discoveries when dealing with moral injury.

Guilt and shame can cause health issues. One way to shed regret and shame is to accept the things you did and didn't do. This will reignite your convictions.

We cannot restore our conscience while continuing to violate our values. It also cannot heal in the same situation where the injury continues to take place.

Sometimes it is possible to do good work or help change our organisation, such as helping to create new regulations. But if that's no...

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