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Vitamins and supplements: the statistics

The supplement industry is huge. In 2016, the global nutritional supplement sector turned over an estimated $132.8 billion. By 2022, some experts predict that this figure will exceed $220 billion.

According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, in 2011–2012, 52%Trusted Source of adults in the United States reported using some kind of supplement. Almost 1 in 3 people (31%) took multivitamins.

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Life Is Paradoxical And Contradictory

Many of life’s important truths are contradictory.

We normally think of contradictions as illogical and therefore useless. But if we prod a bit deeper, we find real wisdom below the surface.

For example, if we hate a certain trait in others, to the point of loathing it, we are in fact insecure and are avoiding the same trait in ourselves.

When Science And Sci-Fi Work Together

Our imagined moon has long inspired fear, excitement, hubris, and political ambition – fact and myth, science and science fiction have always intertwined.

Some of the engineers who advised Fritz Lang on his 1929 film, Frau im Mond went on to develop the first rocket capable of reaching space, Germany’s V-2. When they later moved to Huntsville, they took with them not just their know‑how but also Lang’s anticipation-quickening innovation of counting down the seconds before the rocket’s launch.

Why children find it easier to learn languages
  • Children are exposed to about 10,000 hours of language in their first four years. But children are seldom experts in a language by then, suggesting that they find it harder to learn a language.
  • Very young children can distinguish between about 800 sounds that make up all languages, but monolingual infants lose this ability in the first year of life as they become more specialised.
  • Children can learn more than one language at the same time if they have practice in both.
Common Mistake on Trendiness

Many companies often don't allow themselves to go where the trend is or are unwilling to adapt to the times because of its newness.

There are multiple reasons as to why this happens:

  • There is a lack of self- or situational awareness;
  • Poor communication;
  • Undecided / unclear decisions;
  • Having pretentiousness or a big ego; and
  • There is a lack of accountability

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