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How to learn a heritage language : Life Kit

How to learn a heritage language : Life Kit


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How to learn a heritage language : Life Kit

Learning A New Language

Heritage language learners can sometimes feel like a failure for not being fluent before they've even given themselves a chance to try. Finding the right tools, setting realistic goals and acknowledging existing skills can make the process of learning your parents' language more fun and fulfilling.


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Give Yourself Some Credit

Many heritage language learners are taught that multilingualism is not a path to success, only to realize, much later in life, that it's actually a considerable asset.

First things first, give yourself some credit!


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Build On Your Strengths

  • Break down your language skills into four major categories: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and listening
  • Identify your strengths and then build on them to become better at your chosen skill.
  • You are less likely to stop trying to improve if you begin with strengths and build upon them.


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Decide What You Want to Do With Your Language

  • Knowing what you want to do with your language will help you prioritize what you need to learn.
  • You're a heritage speaker, not a native speaker. The goal of native fluency is not practical, so take that pressure off yourself.


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Find The Tools That Work For You

  • If an in-person class isn't an option for you, there are plenty of online tools.
  • There are hundreds of apps and websites available online.
  • They explore different cultures and languages around the world and share what they’ve learned.
  • Use online tools to help them learn their heritage languages.


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Focus on The Joy

  • Ignore the ads for language learning courses or apps that say you'll be fluent in no time
  • Remember what you love most about learning your heritage language
  • Have conversations with your mom in Korean instead of English
  • Sing along to your favourite salsa song in the car with the windows open so everyone can hear you learn all the words


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