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The prevailing theory of truth

Philosophers have struggled with the question "What is truth?" from the dawn of time.

The current theory of truth among the public and scientists is that truth corresponds with facts and reality. Many scientists would add that the scientific method is the central system for determining facts and the best tool to find the truth.

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Self Improvement

The hardest question ever asked: What is truth?


Preparing Yourself Before Moving
  1. Research the country thoroughly such as the health and safety aspects and not just the price of a cup of coffee
  2. Be extremely keen on your finances and establish any possible expenses you will make and include ex-pat tax implications
  3. Get a job upfront or have an amount prepared to support yourself in any case scenario
  4. Be thorough when looking for local housing and search for good neighborhoods
  5. Gear up for budget relocation costs whether you're covered by your company or not

Moving to a new country alone: a how-to guide | Expatica


Our inner 'demons'

Our inner Demons, or inner voices, make us do irrational, stupid and selfish things, based out of fear.

We hide and distract ourselves from our inner voice, which is nothing but our fear and insecurities, talking to us.

How to Overcome Your Demons | Mark Manson


Spirituality Is A State Of Mind
  • A spiritual experience, according to the father of Western psychology, William James, is a state of higher consciousness.
  • Spirituality, in essence, is connectedness, the antithesis of the values of society like capitalism and laws of the land.
  • A spiritual state can be achieved by contemplative and ritualistic practices like prayer and meditation.
  • Many spiritual traditions like Buddhism report a higher state of consciousness and connection.
  • These states of mind need not be rare experiences of a chosen few, but can be reached in daily life by anyone.

Spirituality is a brain state we can all reach, religious or not | Psyche Ideas


Virtual Reality: Origins

The Theater and its Double was a 1938 book by French playwright Antonin Artaud, the first-ever record of the word ‘virtual reality. A reality that was both illusionary and fictitious.

The 1950s saw inventor Morton Helig working on a projection booth with 3D images and sound, a moving seat and smells/sensations of the road to give an impression that the person on the seat was riding a motorcycle, trying to give the first taste of virtual reality. It never went into production.

Who popularized the term 'virtual reality'?


Particle detectors and other dark matter detecting projects prove the universal interest in dark matter:

  1. From Italy, a particle detector named XENON1T is hunting for dark matter with an ultra-low background.
  2. From South Dakota, the Large Underground Xenon Dark-Matter Experiment (LUX) is hunting for weakly interacting massive particles (WIMP).
  3. IceCube Neutrino Observatory is situated under Antarctica’s ice, hunting for sterile neutrinos.
Becoming a freelance writer

There might come a time where you want to quit your traditional desk job and move into freelance writing. If you're going to become a freelance writer, you need to write every day, without getting paid for it.

Accept that freelancing is like starting any new job. On day one, you won't do much except for showing up and setting up your work station. Then you'll go through two or three months of training before you have your first basic assignment.

The Hard Facts You Want To Know About Freelancing


We don't have only one purpose or passion

People will tell you to find your purpose or your passion. But we are multifaceted beings with many gifts, talents, interests, and ideas. Yet we are put under pressure to have this one purpose or one passion.

We will grow and shift so much in our lifetime that we can expect our desires and purpose to evolve too.

Don’t have a single purpose or passion? That’s OK


Cut down on your digital dependence
  1. Schedule your internet and email use. To train yourself, try waiting five minutes after a buzz, beep, or ding before reaching for your device. Then increase this to 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and so on.
  2.  Develop a ranking system for your email.  Sort into categories like (a) important and urgent, (b) important but not urgent, and (c) neither urgent nor important.
  3. Give yourself clear “online hours.” Set an alarm for when you’ll shut down every night.

Is digital minimalism the answer to our distracted lives?


Intelligence Is The Ability To Change

If you have never changed your mind about some fundamental belief or assumption that was held in your mind for years or decades, or if you have never questioned the basics, then you may be ignorant. Every process of transformation begins with a change of the mind.

Life is a series of changes, cycles, rhythms, seasons and systems, flowing like a river. Even your body is changing without your consent, and you can only accept the fact.

Why Albert Einstein Said: The Measure of Intelligence is The Ability to Change



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