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We are a group, not a team - something I never want to say about my colleagues.






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  • As managers go up the corporate ladder, it seems they lose their basic human skill of communicating clearly.
  • They know they have nothing substantial to say, so they make up long sentences of nothingness, using obscure and long words, buzzwords and jargon.
  • As the nature of the economy is shifting rapidly, managers are doing things that are difficult to talk about or explain to others, resulting in them being intentionally vague and unclear.
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  1. We can fix culture: Culture is agile and continually changing. It is not a static problem that needs to be solved.
  2. Virtual or remote work erodes culture: Before lockdowns and WFH, there were many cultural problems but no one paid attention.
  3. There is a perfect design of an organization: The reality is that everything changes and leaders have to let go of static thinking.
Who we like is a deeply subjective thing

The urge to be liked is a powerful force in this world: It can force you to rethink behavior, appearances, even relationships.

But despite even the very best efforts, no one has a say in how much other people like them.

How Personality Tests Are Useful

We are drawn to personality tests because we like to find out what makes us who we are, and where we fit in the world.

Hippocrates first suggested personality consisted of four main temperaments.

  • Sanguine - social and optimistic
  • Choleric - short-tempered
  • Melancholic - analytical and quiet
  • Phlegmatic - relaxed or apathetic

Psychologists don't agree on one unifying theory that explains personality, but it might still be worthwhile to explore personality if you regularly interact with people.

Conflict At Work

Having a debate with your boss or your colleague is normal or a disagreement. However, fighting is not.

There are several forms of conflict that may manifest as:

  • People who pretend that there is no problem when clearly there is;
  • People who are outright aggressive and competitive; and
  • People who are knee-deep passively-aggressive.

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