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4 tips to stay connected when your friends live far away : Life Kit

4 tips to stay connected when your friends live far away : Life Kit



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Be Explicit and Intentional About Keeping Your Long Distance Friend

If you want to keep people in your life, you have to tell them and be ready to put in the effort.

Whether you've just moved away from your friend or you've been apart for years, long-distance friendships require a reciprocal commitment. That means reaching out, finding time to hang...

Use Common Interests to Feel Connected – and Get Real

The anchor also generates exclusivity, and that's something that builds our friendships when we have memories, experiences inside jokes that we share with one person that we don't have with other people.

The key to building on your bond from afar is vulnerability. Your ability to show vulne...

Don't Hesitate to Reach Out

If you feel like your communication is in a rut, your friend probably feels that way too, so don't be afraid to be the first one to reach out. It shows your friend that they don't need to fear rejection.

And when phone calls won't cut it, think about a visit.

Visiting is one of the m...

Conflicts Are Natural and Healthy – Address Them Openly

Separation is hard. Miscommunication happens. And because there's just a limited amount of time you get with your friend, it's easy to let conflicts go unaddressed.

Try not to sweep things under the rug. In fact, addressing conflict is one of the ways you can become closer with your friend....

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