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Self-reliance May Be Your Unsung Hero

Self-reliance May Be Your Unsung Hero


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Nature Vs Nurture

As children, our environments (parents, schools, friends) usually determine our actions, but later we might realize our family’s bloodline (natural skills or abilities) has already decided for us. Both sides of this coin are powerful motivators, but there’s a third option...

The Three Types Of Environment

Physical input affects our senses. Our physical memories affect how we react to similar items or events later in life.

Mental or intellectual input affects our education. Formal schooling lasts for about 17 years, depending on personal, societal, and financ...

Environmental Control

Our daily physical, intellectual, and emotional changes can bring good or bad results. It’s up to us to react accordingly to create the best situations for ourselves.

Not every situation is controllable, but we do our best to avoid or prepare for them. People make this decision every day, a...


While environment (external influence) is in our lives to varying degrees, heredity (internal influence) genetically provides physical traits or mental characteristics. If you inherit specific genes


Our environment may surround us, and heredity may lie within us, but don’t forget that we also have initiative. We can make decisions if we wish to change. It’s not always easy — damned hard, sometimes.

But we humans are too full of knowledge, dreams, and spirit to float through life, alway...

We begin life as products of our environment, but we grow and experience and become self-reliant, sometimes overcoming incredible odds. With some exceptions, we can safely and responsibly use our environment to improve our lives or those of our peers.

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