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Managing Perfectionism

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Managing Perfectionism

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Expectations Are Important for Happiness

Expectations Are Important for Happiness

  • Research suggests that expecting too much of future experiences may contribute to unhappiness.
  • Your brain is always on the lookout for surprises-you don't change your beliefs when everything goes as expected
  • You want to have realistic expectations because accurate expectations are useful for making good choices.


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The Science Of Happiness

The Science Of Happiness

Recent events have a bigger impact on happiness than earlier events, so it can be a good strategy to save a couple of things that have a chance of a big positive surprise for the last few days of your trip.

Do you think outside influences tend to push us toward having too high expectations for future experiences?

If you have low expectations all of the time, you may not be motivated to try new things or take risks, because you don't expect things to go well.


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Lowering Expectations: The Vacation

Lowering Expectations: The Vacation

You go on a vacation with your family, and it rains. That wasn’t something they were imagining; so, the beach is not as fun as they expected it to be, and they could be disappointed.

If you are almost about to leave on a trip and you can tell that someone’s expectations are a little too high, because you know about the long train ride or you actually looked at the weather forecast and saw rain in it, you might want to let them know about those things at the last minute and reduce their expectations to something that’s more realistic. That will decrease the odds that they end up disappointed.


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