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My 15 y/o son asked me yesterday how do I know when I'm old. Didn't have a good answer to be honest. Looking at these kids describe their parents, make me think I'm old at 40 :-)

Seem easy to spot "bad" people right? Not always I guess. Reddit is really a treasure if you know what to look after. Thousand of folks gave their thoughts, and voted on other's. Ideas kind of make sense, by sheer statistical number, from people's perspective.

Found this study while looking for other things. To be honest, I didn't actually see this as logical at first, but the tallest person in the world, lived only to 22. And one of the most tall folks that ever lived, could barely walk past a threshold. I'm 1.89, so I guess I'll live quite a few years less than most of you brilliant but shorter f**kers our there :-)

Michael's hit the bloody mark on this one: 9/10, nailed almost everything for me (even though I'm a Millennial, but barely). Definitely a huge help when dealing with Gen X'ers, even though this won't hit the sweet spot all the time (especially for those closer in age to either Boomers (born 1946-64) or Millennials (born 1981-96).

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