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How much to charge for an event speech

If a corporate event asks you to give a speech, here's a thread of how to figure out how much you're worth for this sort of thing.

1. Figure out what your hourly rate is. $25 per hour? $100?

2. Double it. You're undervaluing yourself.

3. Make a guess about how long it will take you to write and practice the speech.

4. Double it. Because you're wrong.

5. Double it again, because you forgot to account for the time it took to acquire your expertise.

6. Multiply those two numbers together.

7. Double it again.

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"I generally say developers want to do three things... They want to solve hard problems at scale. They want to see that hard problem when they solve it... get put to use! The third thing that I think, honestly, is they just don't want to work with jerks.

I think if you master those three things then you end up with a very happy and productive development team.”

Origin of a Platform team

With growing pains, software entropy kicked in and product developers had to manage several cross-cutting concerns along with their feature work and timelines.

We need to solve problems holistically to handle multiple teams and applications instead of just the projects at hand

Platform level problems

TLDR; Scaling teams are hard. A platform team done right can help ease the hardships.

At Conde Nast International we grew from a team of 20 engineers to less than 100 in less than a year. We found out that building out a system that will be used in many markets has a lot of moving parts and repetition. For example rebuilding the infrastructure and application configuration. Adding third party add-on software. Building the application using CDN redirects. DNS registration and configuration.

Feature Flagging Data

Once we were ready to test the new database, we simply flipped the toggle for a particular repository. On occasion, we needed to rollback due to performance issues. Because we were always writing to both databases, this rollback had very low risk.

Making decisions in a bubble = 🤬

In the process of building our apps I received a private Slack message:

Why was the data dashboard built using React if our front-end stack is based on Ember? — a not very happy front-end engineer

  • 💀 I didn’t know we had added a new tool to our stack. 😳
  • 💀 Other team members who should’ve known about it, didn’t know either.
  • 💀 Someone made an important decision on behalf of our entire team, but the team wasn’t included in it.
  • 💀 No one, including myself, appreciated the surprise.
Building a Marketplace at DoorDash

The earliest version of DoorDash didn't begin with a full two-sided marketplace for consumers and dashers. They needed to prove the thesis that consumers wanted food delivered from restaurants that hasn't offered it before.

To do this, the founders only built the software for dashers and the restaurants. All orders were placed over the phone and answered by the early DoorDash team. They focused on providing a fast delivery experience instead of the best ordering experience.

This choice helped them narrow their initial scope and find their market fit.

Which leadership traits come to you naturally?

The SYPartners Superpower framework is a deck of cards, or an app to help you and your team learn about your team superpowers. Something that is like innate to you as a person, not who you want to be in the future.

It'll tell you about your leadership trait and also provide an aid to others on how to work with you.

Managers as tech leads

The best tech leads in the world are always the ones who have done time in management.

A tech lead is a manager  … but

  • Their first priority is achieving the task at hand
  • They know how to communicate and manage other people
  • They know how to get shit done
  • They connect the dots between business objectives and technical objectives, and break down big objectives
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