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A thread written by @MaryRobinette

A thread written by @MaryRobinette

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How much to charge for an event speech

How much to charge for an event speech

If a corporate event asks you to give a speech, here's a thread of how to figure out how much you're worth for this sort of thing.

1. Figure out what your hourly rate is. $25 per hour? $100?

2. Double it. You're undervaluing yourself.

3. Make a guess about how long it will take you to write and practice the speech.

4. Double it. Because you're wrong.

5. Double it again, because you forgot to account for the time it took to acquire your expertise.

6. Multiply those two numbers together.

7. Double it again.


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Giving a quote for the speech

8. That's what you ask for even if it feels weird and like no one would pay that much. You can give them a caveat of "but let me know what your budget is" if you really want to do it.

9. If they just pay it, then the next time a corporate event asks you to do a speech...double it again. You were still undervaluing yourself.*

*Women, non-binary folks, LGBTQ+, & BIPOC I guarantee some straight white dude's getting double whatever number you come up with.


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