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Live Database Migration

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Feature Flagging Data

Feature Flagging Data

Once we were ready to test the new database, we simply flipped the toggle for a particular repository. On occasion, we needed to rollback due to performance issues. Because we were always writing to both databases, this rollback had very low risk.


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Flags and Trunk Development

The combination of trunk based development and feature flags provide several benefits over Gitflow and other branching strategies. With Gitflow, a feature is not merged in until it is ready for release. In addition, you are only able to rollback at the release level, not the feature level. Feature flags allow us to concurrently develop, continuously integrate, and incrementally deliver.


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What is a feature flag?

Feature flags are a current best practice to decouple deployment from exposure. A single release artifact can have features conditionally enabled without requiring a new deployment. These flags can be used to implement a variety of features, such as user-based opt-in, A/B testing , incremental rollback, and the graceful sunsetting of features.


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