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Functional fixedness is a bias where we can only think of a narrow set of functions for a tool. A knife is made to cut things. A cotton swab is for cleaning your ears.

It is common to stick to what we know. We become comfortable repeating tasks in a way that fits with our preconceived ideas on how they should be done, especially if these ideas worked in the past. But being stuck in our methods can stop us from discovering better solutions.

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Our body needs fuel to meet its energy demands. This energy is derived from carbohydrates, proteins, fats and phosphates.

  • We use less energy when we exercise lightly. This energy supply comes from fats.
  • When we exercise more intensely, fat can't be metabolised fast enough to meet the energy demands, so the body uses carbohydrates.
The Best Diet For Weight Loss

Everyone who wants to lose weight asks what to avoid eating and what is the best diet to follow. New research on metabolism is emphasizing how we eat and expend the calories, rather than what we eat.

Our body’s caloric expenditure has been compared to an engine or a machine for ages, but newer studies compare it to a business, where the main aim is to survive and procreate.

  • The Tour de France is a multi-stage, international cycle race, taking place every year in France and surrounding areas.
  • The first tournament was created by reporter and cyclist Henri Desgrange in 1903.
  • The 107th Tour de France took place in Aug-Sept 2020, and this year, it began on June 26, to continue till July 18, 2021.
  • The race includes 21 stages and covers over 3k kilometres this year.
  • France has won this tournament 36 times, and American born Lance Armstrong won it seven times.

Typically, the law tells us what we are prohibited from doing and what we are required to do. It is said that the law sets minimum standards of behavior while ethics sets maximum standards.

Ethics provides us with guides on what is the right thing to do in all aspects of life, while the law generally provides more specific rules so that societies and their institutions can be maintained. Ethics engages our thinking and also our feelings, including those of disgust and guilt.

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