How can I get better at arguments? - Deepstash
How can I get better at arguments?

How can I get better at arguments?


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How can I get better at arguments?

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It is the study of disagreements.


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When we argue with someone but we're not able to articulate our arguments well, you can try by asking the other person what exactly they believe in because the act of explaining dilutes extreme views.


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Exercising Moral Foundations Theory

The moral foundations theory was proposed by a social psychologist named Jonathan Haidt where he suggests that our moral 'taste buds' exist in six major areas: care, fairness, loyalty, authority, sanctity, and liberty.

From what we've learned from a study done in 2017, liberty and fairness are important to anyone regardless of their political stance, so you can try to reframe your argument according to your opponent's beliefs.


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Avoid Eye Contact When Arguing

An observation was made by the researchers from the University of British Columbia and what they found was that the more time we spend looking at a speaker's eyes, the less persuaded we become with our argument.

Should victory be your goal, avoid eye contacts at all costs and you might just achieve it.


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