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  • Satya Nadella when came in was confused about how to position himself. To be clear what he can bring to the table to a global organisation with superstar founders. 
  • He applied the first principle thinking to relook at some of the assumptions underlying the business model and ways of working at Microsoft. 
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  • The organisation is going to move into working from home from __________ month to _______ month for _______roles. Post that we would be moving into hybrid mode. 
  • The organisation shall not allow work to be done beyond ____ pm in normal situations. 
  • The organisation shall gain _______ benefits from _____ways of working. 
  • This current plan is in experimental mode, we shall iterate as the organisation moves ahead and learns from you, our employees. 

Organisations face 3 types of challenges during a pandemic:

  • Traditional Demand: The need to satisfy the same customer demand as before but with a modified approach. 
  • Emergent Demand: The need to satisfy a new customer demand that emerged from the pandemic
  • The time period of changes: Forecasting how long these changes will last, whether temporary changes are likely to disappear once the pandemic is over or sustained changes that will become a regular part of your organization’s operations going forward.
  • More fatiguing for some as there are fewer social cues than those conducted in person. 
  • Some employees appreciate the more detached meeting style
  • In summary, the feedback has been paradoxical. 
  • Employee groups are becoming heterogeneous. 
  • Standard blanket homogenous rewards and benefit offerings are no longer ideal for employees.
  • Employees have started to prefer organisations that offer a basket of reward options based on their individual preferences. 
  • This includes offerings that support their healthcare, lifestyle, wellbeing, learning priorities such as gym memberships, cafeteria options, skill addition opportunities etc.


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