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The power of a quantum computer

A conventional computer uses electricity within its silicon chips. Small amounts of electrical current are turned on or off. It represents true and false, or the binary numbers one and zero.

But a quantum computer changes individual quantum elements such as electrons or photons, called qubits. Due to their 'spin', electrons can be up or down, and photons vertical or horizontal at the same time. This quantum superposition means that a qubit is in both states at once.

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How a quantum computer is different from your laptop, explained by a scientist


Miniature items were invented for adults

Originally, dollhouses were not conceived as toys. The first baby-houses of 17th century Germany and Holland weren't even for children. They were objects for wealthy adult women to fill with expensive creations.

The first "playing" dollhouses were kitchens with miniature pans and copper kettles the size of a thumb to teach small girls how to keep house. It was only when girls started having fun that it became an object of play.

Why Do We Love Tiny Things? The Psychology Behind It Is Complex


Burnout ≠ Depression
  • According to the International Classification of Diseases, burnout is not a medical condition, while depression is.
  • Burnout is a combination of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and a reduced sense accomplishment specifically related to the workplace.
  • Burnout is a stepping stone to, but itself distinct from, depression.
Avoiding painful feelings

Saying "I'm fine" is a form of avoidance. You may say you are fine to protect yourself from painful feelings.

Generally, codependents are uncomfortable with emotions and try to suppress them. After years of suppressing their feelings, they may be unaware of them. They say I'm fine because they don't recognise how they feel.

Why We Say "I'm Fine" When We Aren't


Ann Landers

“Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it.”

Gravity is one of the universe's fundamental forces

Scientists know four forces - things that attract or repel one object from another. The strong force and the weak force operate only inside the centres of atoms. The electromagnetic force rules objects with excess charge, and gravity directs objects with mass.

People have long speculated about gravity. While ancient Greek and Indian philosophers observed gravity, it was the insight from Isaac Newton that made it possible to measure and predict the phenomenon.

Don’t Think You Know Everything

Understand that life is not about impressing others with what you know. It’s about fulfillment, collaboration, and the common good.

If you want to achieve those things, you need to be humble.

10 Lessons I Learned From Making Many Mistakes In My 20s - Darius Foroux


This memorization technique involves creating associations between items in a list and assigning images to each connection to help you memorize better. 

For instance, your accounting exam is tomorrow and you need to memorize which items fall under the Current Asset section of a balance sheet (Cash, Inventories, Accounts receivable, Prepaid expenses).

PART 1: Learn How to Memorize - Top 6 Memorization Techniques



The term sophrology is made up of three Greek words: sos (harmonious and serene), phren (consciousness), and logos (the science or study of); put together sophrology is the study of consciousness in harmony. It consists of several physical and mental exercises that improves our mental health, wellness, productivity and creativity.

Sophrology is the blend of eastern and western philosophies, founded by Professor Alfonso Caycedo, a neuropsychiatrist from Spain in the 1960s.

Harness The Power Of Sophrology For Better Work-Life Harmony


Our Minds Work Like Suggestion Engines

Our thoughts work as suggestions, options, not as orders.

We have the power to choose which option we follow.

5 Useful Reminders for When You Want to Give Up



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