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5 Things to Keep on Your Desk to Help Improve Your Focus

5 Things to Keep on Your Desk to Help Improve Your Focus



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What to Keep on Your Desk to Help Improve Your Focus

Your desk can quickly turn into a disaster because most people juggle more tasks than achievable in a standard workday. However, you have to get your work done, so don’t let a messy desk cause you to lose focus or feel anxious.

An easy place to start is to take stock of your desk eq...

A Sand Timer

Time blindness is real. It can be hard to hang in there if you struggle with staying on task, especially in unpleasant jobs. Consider adding a sand timer to your desk decor to encourage you to work in sprints or practices like the Pomodoro Technique.

Timers are available in multiple sizes a...

Note-Taking Supplies

Analog notes are often the easiest to execute, especially when inspiration hits. Keep a notebook or notepad dedicated for work at your workstation. Have a pen you love on standby, so you’re ready to jot down a takeaway, assignment, or idea. Label your notes so you can keep track of what you’ve wr...

An Annual Calendar

Keep an annual calendar in your view, and you just may see your work get smoother.

Having a visual of the year ahead can help you plan your workload, consider contingencies, and resist touching distracting tech. Use your annual calendar to layer tasks and responsibilities, so you can tell w...

A Landing Spot for Papers

Papers may be a necessary evil, especially if your business hasn’t adopted the latest digital tools. Create a system to ingest papers to keep your space clear with no distractions. Instead, use an in/outbox, standing folder holder, or other receptacles to create order where chaos often persists.

A Visual That Motivates You

A powerful quote, poster of your vacation spot, or your kids’ school picture are all fair game for desk decor. Seeing the things and people that matter most can help you push through even the toughest of tasks. Using motivating visuals can remind you of your “why,” especially during challenging s...

Keep a Clean Desk Policy

Many workplaces insist on a clean desk policy to keep customer and company data secure. However, while you should always protect private and personal information, so should you guard your productivity.

Make a practice of tidying your space at the end of your workday. Set a reminder on your ...

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