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4 types of clutter that stop you from achieving your purpose

4 types of clutter that stop you from achieving your purpose

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Four types of clutter

Four types of clutter

There are four types of clutter:

  1. paper
  2. digital
  3. emotional
  4. spiritual

Most people consider clutter to be a tangible problem, but it is an emotional problem. People often experienced a severe emotional loss that leaves them physically paralyzed when they have to clear up clutter.

Spiritual clutter represents our hopes, dreams, and fears. We are created for a purpose. When we know our purpose, it's easy to see what's clutter.


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How to get rid of clutter.

How to get rid of clutter.

Three things contribute to clutter:

  1. A lack of focus. When you identify the most important tasks and understand why they're important, you can find focus. Then make a plan to accomplish those.
  2. A lack of systems. It's not enough to identify what you need in a system. You have to implement it.
  3. A lack of support. People need to work together and live a shared vision and values. That requires proper support through a five-step process: state your vision, identify your obstacles, commit your resources, design and execute your plan, and sustain your success.


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