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We all know that, the more a product is used, the more it will be used. The problem is that, our understanding of this phenomenon is quite limited. What if we tried to better understand the dynamics behind it? This article is a great read for anyone that would like more insights on this interesting topic.

We are used to think that negotiating salary is bad and we tend to compare it to exploitation, however, the sooner we realize that this is objectively false the better.

What is takes to be successful? Many self-improvement books try to motivate the reader through phrases which are mostly meaningless. In this book, the author uses science and statistics to objectively show how to be successful (in our society).

We all tend to think that the tools we use are the main reason why we tend to be underproductive. However, this is far from the truth and in this article a psychological explanation is given with some interesting takes on emotions.

We have many ways of classifying people in our society. Some of them are very specific, whereas the others aim at giving a rough classification. The latter type is the classification proposed by Paul Graham in this article about conformism.

Riccardo Busetti


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