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The Visualizing Technique

A lot of us were told to ignore what we feel and most of the time we do, but during times where we need to make big decisions whether it may be for our careers, family, or even for ourselves this visualization technique is extremly helpful.

  1. Set aside 20 minutes of quiet time to just breathe and give yourself a break.
  2. Visualize accepting offer A, how it feels a couple of months forward or a year in to that offer. How do you feel; and do the same for the other offer.
  3. Reflect upon your values; and
  4. Rank your values in order of importance.
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Self Improvement

This One Visualization Trick Will Help You Make Big Decisions


Envy is defined as resenting an advantage enjoyed by others, craving something that you don’t have but someone else does. It is a kind of admiration, an unspoken compliment.

Envy is often targeted at our peers, people in similar positions having more than we do, or enjoying life better than us. Example: A college classmate having a motorbike that you cannot afford, but would love to have.

How to Make Envy Work For You


The ancient city of Rome

About 2,000 years ago, the city of Rome was central to the empire that stretched from Scotland to Syria.

Rome ruled over 45 million people across Europe, North Africa and Asia.

What was life like in ancient Rome?


The fight or flight response

The fight or flight response is a powerful survival reaction. Once we perceive danger, adrenalin increases our heart rate and move our attention toward fighting off or fleeing from the threat.

We may become so focused on that goal that we may not process any extra details and may have no clear memory of how we got away from or fought off the danger.

Paralysed with fear: why do we freeze when frightened?


This Day Is Your Entire Life

What we are doing today, how we master the present day and how good we are in living each day, is the key to master your weeks, months, years and your entire life.

We start our days accidentally and go spiraling downward, on most days. The first few decisions that are made creates or destroys the momentum and the trajectory the day is going to take.

Tell Me What You Did Today, And I'll Tell You Who You Are


The Evolution of TV Dinners from 1920-1950s
  • 1925 - A freezing machine has been invented. This revolutionized the storage and preparation of food
  • 1945 - Frozen dinners were first sold to airlines by Maxson Food Systems
  • 1953- Gerry Thomas contemplated on the leftovers after Thanksgiving. He came upon partitioning leftover frozen Turkey with holiday stables in aluminum trays that were to be heated up in the oven
  • 1955- The Swanson company sold over 10 million trays because more white women entered the workforce and competitors rose.

A Brief History of the TV Dinner


Hidden Gems From Ancient Philosophers
  1. The people you interact with the most influence your behavior. Consciously consider whom you allow into your life.
  2. Things can go wrong, anticipate worst-case scenarios to mitigate or avoid them.
  3. Acting based on habit can lead to mistakes whenever the situations at hand mismatch the ones that led to the creation of the habit. 
  4. Be as invested in building yourself as you are in building your professional life. Study yourself, have ideas, develop them and the relationships that further them.
  5. Ignore the breaking news and focus on what’s in front of you.
  6. Take pride in your work, but know that it is not all there is. 

5 Hidden Gems From Ancient Philosophy That Will Immediately Improve Your Emotions


Laughter As A Medicine

According to a variety of studies published in established journals right from the 70s, laughing is extremely good for body health. Even ten minutes of a good laugh is enough for an anaesthetic effect on our bodies and also for pain-free sleep.

Laughter is associated with stronger immunity, reduced depression systems and reduced pain for people having diseases like cancer.

The Promise of Laughter As Therapy


Learned Helplessness

It is a mental surrender towards the unfavourable or stressful situations that happen repeatedly. A person who has ‘learned’ to be helpless observes the bad event or circumstance and feels that there is nothing that can be done.

It is found in both humans and animals and was discovered in 1967 in a bizarre psychological experiment using electric shocks on dogs.

Overcoming learned helplessness - Ness Labs


10 Examples Of Sci-Fi’s Tech Predictions
  1. The electronic tablet on 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  2. Insect-derived foodstuffs on Snowpiercer. Nowadays there are insect-based flour and protein bars.
  3. Smart home devices on the 1999 Disney film Smart House. In the film, a house is run by a robot that can perform most of the functions a digital assistant like Alexa does today.
  4. Personalized adverts on Minority Report. The movie had Billboards that identified the passersby and targeted adverts towards them, much like search engines and some actual billboards do today.
  5. Autonomous cars on Total Recall. The movie had driverless cabs not very different from the ones we have today.
  6. Autonomous military vehicles on Short Circuit. Although we are still far behind on the AI part the rest is already available to the military.
  7. Human-looking androids on Metropolis.
  8. Video conferencing/calling on Aliens or Bladerunner.
  9. Mobile phones/Smartwatches on Star Trek.
  10. Wearable technology on Back to the Future Part II. The movie had "smart eyewear" that resembles modern head-mounted virtual reality devices

10 Sci-Fi Predictions from TV and Movies That Came True



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