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Understanding the Different Types of NFTs

Understanding the Different Types of NFTs



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Understanding The Different Types Of NFTs

The interest in understanding the different NFT types has been growing in recent times. 

People are interested in the promising economic potential associated with NFTs apart from a vision for transforming conventional asset management.

The gradual growth visible in the domain of non-...

The foremost classification of NFT types refers to the general categories. The three common types of NFTs include,

  • Original or copy of work, documented on a blockchain network or DLT...


The foremost example of NFTs emerged with the development of Cryptokitties, which are online collectibles. As a matter of fact, Cryptokitties are the first instance of people using NFTs. Interestingly, Cryptokitties became so popular in 2017 that they congested the Ethereum network.



Artwork is also another prominent candidate for NFTs. The common types of non-fungible tokens in this domain refer to programmable art, which features the unique concoction of creativity and technology. Currently, there are many limited edition artwork pieces in circulation with the scope for pro...

Event Tickets

Another promising addition among the types of NFTs would refer to event tickets. Such types of NFTs allow people attending events such as music festivals and concerts to verify their identity and tickets. Event managers could mint a specific number of NFT tickets on a selected blockchain platform...

Music and Media

The domain of music and media is also trying out experiments with NFTs, thereby leading to another category of NFTs. It is possible to link music and media files to NFTs, thereby enabling an individual with true ownership claim to access the files.

While artists get the advantages of reachi...


The common types of non fungible tokens in the domain of gaming are primarily focused on in-game items. NFTs have evoked profound levels of interest among game developers. They can offer the functionality of ownership records for in-game items, thereby driving the growth of in-game economies. NFT...

Even though you cannot find many NFT types serving as tokens for real-world items, the progress in NFT domain can make that happen.

For example, many NFT projects are presently focusing on the tokenization of real estate alongside luxury goods. NFTs are basically deeds, and they can introd...

One of the crucial traits of non fungible tokens is scarcity. Every NFT is unique and cannot be interchanged with any other token. In the case of identity NFTs, the working is similar to that of event tickets NFTs. They can serve as unique identifiers, thereby serving as reliable support for iden...

The most significant advancement in the domain of NFTs in recent times is the sale of memes as NFTs. While being a part of popular culture and an instant favorite among internet users, memes have also been associated with NFTs.

The sale of memes as NFTs showcases the potential for unique m...

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NFTs provide a bright future. Any artist can and should tap into this powerful blockchain technology to reach new audiences that are excited to collect and appreciate their work.



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