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According to Lise Bourbeau, inner demons stem from five core wounds associated with parental influence. The physical manifestation of these masks can be observed in the body. To cope with the pain, people adopt mask personalities such as withdrawal, dependence, masochism, control, and rigidit

When asking how to overcome anxiety, we always hear the "Build your confidence and self-esteem!". But that takes time to accomplish. We might die of our anxiety before fully getting there. So, alongside your journey to build confidence, these tips can help you control your anxiety :)

The 4Ps marketing mix are not enough anymore! In this era, where many products are present in the market, it's difficult to attract customer with a product centric approach alone. Now, brands need to focus more on the Customer Centric Approch: The 4C's!

Psychology always try to understand human minds and behaviors

The way our caregiver may treat us during childhood can have a big impact on how we manage relationship, our attachement style



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