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Habits are more than routines

There are hundreds of things we do routinely every day. We wake up, check our phones, eat our meals, do our jobs.

More recently, these actions have become a place for self-improvement and life-hacks. These guides tend to show habits as routines that follow a repeated sequence of behaviours, but this account is stripped of much of its historical richness.

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Self Improvement

A philosophy of habit: What our routines can tell us


Moving To A Different Country

Travelling to a new country is a highly disruptive, educative experience, with discoveries and adventure every day: New kinds of food, people, places, customs and cultures.

It is a fantasy of a lot of people to pack their bags and just go somewhere abroad, starting a fresh, new life. The ‘experience economy’ trend (before the pandemic hit the planet) has had the younger generation spending good money on travelling and exploring, instead of buying expensive stuff.

Living Abroad: The Realities Of Moving To A New Country


MayDay: The International Distress Call
  • Mayday is a derivative of the French word m'aider which means “Help me”, formally adopted by the U.S. as an official distress signal in 1927.
  • Airplane pilots, boat captains and emergency response personnel use the ‘MayDay’ distress code.
  • The signal started after World War I, when the normal SOS code that worked well in morse code, sounded confusing on the radio, as it could be misheard.

Why Is 'Mayday' the International Distress Call?


Martial arts is not just about fighting

A common misunderstanding about martial arts: Many people think martial arts is about fighting, but it is really about improving your wisdom and intelligence.

Any ability resulting from practice and improvement could embody kung fu for example. There is a kung fu of dancing, painting, cooking, writing, dealing with people, and even governing. The broad understanding of kung fu is one key to understanding traditional Chinese philosophy.

Most of us work with our energy in a random way, where our mood and mindset are anchored to life situations that are not explicitly programmed by us. One can hack one’s mindset by anchoring specific life situations to our mood and energy in a deliberate manner.

Creating positive anchors helps our ‘mental maps’ where we start to mint happiness, eventually energizing other areas of our lives.

How To Anchor Our Performance Psychology



It  means overanalyzing something that happened, regretting an action, or worrying about the future of something. 

It's when you can't think about anything else, and it's affecting your life in a negative way.

How to Stop Overthinking Everything and Find Peace of Mind


A Common Pitfall in a Connected World

Our world today is more connected than ever. And one pitfall in our hyper-connected world as it intersects with our business relationships and networking is a state of continuous partial attention. It is a state where people give half attention to what they do - all the time.

The Danger of Continuous Partial Attention


Many human beings don't really know their life purpose, but they have a fulfilling life.

Instead of getting stressed out because you're not sure what your purpose is, focus on what inspires you, what life puts right in front of you. Lean into what feels joyful and intuitively aligned for you, and you will have a fulfilling life.

Stop pressuring yourself - 4 truths you probably won't hear in the self-help industry


6 Life Lessons From Video Games
  1. Sometimes games tempt us to cheat, but winning while cheating is an empty victory.
  2. Many games have secret bonuses and features not explained. To extract the most out of things you have to be meticulous.
  3. Repeated failure is built into the learning curve of any well-designed game. Failure is a part of success in real life and you have to learn to embrace it.
  4.  Experiment with strategies, even if it leads to an occasional loss.
  5. Most gamers are willing to spend copious amounts of time mastering games but can’t say the same about their careers. Enthusiasm propels you to success, try to bring some of that to life.
  6. Most people are engaged by games but not by their jobs. Try to gamefy your work and challenge yourself at the office.

5 Lessons Video Games Taught Me About Success


Just get the work done

In a constant pursuit to get work done, much of our work is focused on output and measured in terms of quantity. 

In our endeavor to maximize our output, we turn everything into a joyless activity to be finished as soon as possible. Everything seems rushed, mediocre and uninspired.

Forget success, pursue excellence instead



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