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Is Your Burnout From Too Much Work or Too Little Impact?

Is Your Burnout From Too Much Work or Too Little Impact?

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The Cause Of Burnout

The Cause Of Burnout

When it comes to burnout, it’s natural to assume that by lessening our workload we can fight the culprit. But research has shown that when people are overworked but intellectually underutilized, they most frequently report feeling “exhausted.”

Simply put, burnout isn’t necessarily a function of too much work; burnout is more often the result of too little impact.


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Creating Impact: Reducing Phantom Workload

 Work-related stress doesn’t just come from the amount of work you do. It also comes from stressors like dealing with people issues, juggling your work with your personal life, or a lack of job security. Make work light for yourself and others by eschewing politics and drama, and being easy to work with.

The work doesn’t necessarily become easier, but the process of working becomes easier and more enjoyable.


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Creating Impact: Increasing Challenges

There is a strong correlation between “challenge level” and “satisfaction level” at work, meaning that, as the degree of challenge in your work increases, so does your job satisfaction. Find projects with visible impact and a scope that will invite you to stretch yourself.

Tip: Don’t say yes to everything; say yes to challenges that are a size too big, and then grow into them.


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Creating Impact: Sharing Leadership Load

If you are new to the workforce, don’t wait to be promoted into a managerial role before you take on leadership roles. Look for leadership vacuums in everyday moments.

When team members can step in and out of leadership roles with ease, everyone experiences less fatigue.


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Creating Impact: The Non-Tangibles

In surveying professionals from various industries about the resources they most need to be successful, six factors were rated of similarly high importance:

1) access to information,

2) action from leaders,

3) feedback or coaching,

4) access to key meetings and people,

5) time,

6) helping establish credibility.

You can increase your impact by negotiating for the guidance, coaching, and sponsorship you need before you need it. 


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Creating Impact: Avoiding Reckless Persistence

When we can’t let go of unproductive projects before they finish, we can rob our organization of the time and resources needed to pursue higher-value opportunities. Furthermore, finishing for the sake of finishing can result in a Pyrrhic victory in which success inflicts such heavy tolls on the winners (and their teams) that the victory is indistinguishable from defeat.

In the wake of these battles lie exhausted, alienated colleagues who become reluctant to join the next campaign, and burnout abounds.


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Creating Impact On Your Existing Work

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