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Wellness encompasses a broad range of activities

The term wellness encompasses an extensive range of activities, such as juice cleansing, meditation, napping, drinking charcoal water, citrus diets, ketosis, halotherapy, talk therapy, avoiding blue light, the Alexander Technique, and forest bathing.

The wellness industry is worth about $4.5 trillion and is growing at 6.4 percent a year.

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Not ready for self-driving cars

In 2015, the Guardian predicted that self-driving cars would be the norm in 2020. The Business Insider announced in 2016 that there would be 10 million self-driving cars on the road by 2020.

Yet, engineering teams are still struggling to make fully autonomous cars work properly.

Uniform dressing

Getting dressed for work is a nearly universal challenge.

An attempt to simplify dressing is by uniform dressing. It eliminates the element of choice and saves the wearer the problem of figuring out what to wear every morning. But the logical end of optimisation in fashion is one where personal style ceases to exist.

The Units of Energy

The SI (Système International) unit of energy is the JOULE (J) or NEWTON-METER (N*m). The joule is also the SI unit of work.

William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
  • He was the song of a glover and a grammar-school boy that attended Stratford
  • He is famously known as the world's greatest playwright who had a dynamic duality within himself
  • He had become an icon for English-speaking people throughout the world just like how Dante is for the Italians and Goethe for the Germans
  • Shakespeare was a person who kept to himself and died a mysterious man.

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