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What Determines Our Well-Being?

What Determines Our Well-Being?


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What Determines Our Well-Being?

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A search for how to live a healthy life

Inner turmoil can cause debilitating effects on someone’s well-being and relationship with life.

We cannot universally define what makes life worth living or what makes people healthy because humans are complex, dynamic, intricate creatures. What is true for one person may not be true for another.


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  • Research in positive psychology tells us work, love, play, and service to others make life worth living.
  • A Canadian psychologist writes that the answer is either nothing, religion, happiness, or a combination of work, love, and play.
  • According to the Reno Gazette, faith is the answer.

The common theme in these answers is inconsistency. Each person who wants to provide an answer will come up with their own unique explanation.


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Researching what makes people healthy breaks down to social factors, environmental factors, and genetic factors.  Answers to what key pieces need to be in place to live a life free of inner turmoil run in every direction with no singular answer.

Perhaps wellness exists more in what we don’t do than what we are striving to find. 


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