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SpaceWar! The Start Of Video Games

A student of the University of Utah teamed up with a researcher at Stanford University to make a video game called Spacewar!

They used to play it in a university lab and saw the potential to convert it into an arcade game encased in a cabinet.

The final game, called Computer Space, achieved success in 1971 and paved the way for the video game industry, which is now worth more than the music and film industries combined.

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Mindfulness In Our Digital Lives

The smartphone, the laptop and now the smartwatch is filled with a constant stream of distractions.

If the mind is always engaged in something, without a single moment of pause or reflection, it becomes jaded, unable to experience life with wonder and curiosity.

International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol)

The International Criminal Police is an intergovernmental organization that facilitates cooperation between the criminal police forces of more than 180 countries.

They aim to promote the widest-possible mutual assistance between criminal police forces and to establish develop institutions that are likely to contribute to the prevention and suppression of international crime.

“Those who tell the stories rule the world.”

Why people want to intentionally scare themselves

People enjoy being scared out of their skin in a controlled environment. They will flock to attractions that can guarantee that they will get a fright.

  • Participants in a study reported a significantly higher mood and feeling less anxious and tired directly after their trip through a haunted attraction.
  • They also reported feeling that they challenged their personal fears and learned more about themselves.

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