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Why pet food is so doggone expensive

Why pet food is so doggone expensive

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Expensive Dog Food

Expensive Dog Food

  • During the pandemic, a whopping 23 million American households adopted a dog or cat.
  • Foods, treats, and chews can cost owners hundreds of dollars a month, even though they're often made with "byproducts" of the meat and poultry industry.
  • These costs are hitting more people than ever before.


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The Trouble With Kibbles

The Trouble With Kibbles

  • Like infant formula, kibble needs to have the right combination of fat, protein, fiber, and nutrients to keep a pet healthy, even if it eats nothing else.
  • It also needs to last for weeks or months without rotting, which requires additional ingredients.
  • The goal is to make kibble that's just gamey enough to make animals love it but not so bad that people won't buy it.
  • Companies run sniff tests with pets to find the most palatable kibble.


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Companies Charging More Because They Can

Companies Charging More Because They Can

The pet food industry is built on branding.

 Marketing obscures the fact that there are just a handful of major corporations behind the majority of food brands.

A lack of competition within an industry can be bad for the consumer and bad for prices.


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Expensive Does Not Mean Better

Expensive Does Not Mean Better

  • One needs to see more research on health outcomes for popular pet brands. 
  • Popular diets for dogs like "grain-free," which tend to be pricier, may not be better either.
  • Feeding table scraps to your pup on occasion is not a bad idea.


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