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The projection bias

It occurs when we are in a “hot” state of mind and incorrectly assume that our current needs will be the same as our future needs. As a result, we tend to make decisions based on how we feel right now instead of how we might feel in the future. 

Another way to think about it is that we tend to make decisions that make sense in the moment, but they don’t always work out the way we anticipated.

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Outsmart the pleasure principle

We sometimes say yes to an opportunity simply because it is in the distant future and filling out our planner makes us feel more productive. Saying yes is also easier than saying no. It takes less time and requires no thoughtful explanation. But, when the event comes, we sometimes start to regret our decision.

Sigmund Freud famously referred to these short-term gains for long-term pains as the pleasure principle, our tendency as humans to seek pleasure and avoid pain. When we immediately say yes, we are met with a positive response from the requester, which makes us feel good. However, the pain shows up later down the line, when we actually have to follow through.

According to the author Neil Postman, who was a media critic in the 80s, the quality of information is diminished by the media, and our desire to be entertained is amplified.

  • The media influences us more than stuff like values, morals, family or loyalty. It is always focused on celebrating the celebrities, the rich and the famous.
  • The media emphasises the fake image we present to the world, and social media has accelerated the phenomenon.
Why we avoid making difficult decisions

People are averse to making (objectively and subjectively) difficult choices because they don’t want the stress of weighing all the options or the responsibility of dealing with the eventual outcome — both, good and bad. 

It makes us not want to make hard choices and come up with all kinds of adaptive ways of avoiding them.

Albert Einstein

“Intuition is nothing but the outcome of earlier intellectual experience.”

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