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Decidophobia —  fear of taking wrong decisions

Decidophobia —  fear of taking wrong decisions


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Decidophobia —  fear of taking wrong decisions

The Reason People Cannot Make Decisions

The fear of choosing the wrong thing or having regrets about not going down a certain path is real. This decidophobia kicks in for the smallest of choices in our lives, due to the following reasons:

  • Lack of clarity.
  • Fearing the wrong consequences.
  • Assuming others have a better perspective.
  • Comparing ourselves to others.
  • Too many decisions.


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Determine What Is in Your Control vs. Not

There are frankly very few things that are truly in our control. And often, the ‘what ifs’ in our minds are questions that we actually cannot have answers to because the answers depend on things that we cannot change. Asking ourselves whether this is something in our control or something we can change has actually been immensely helpful in making decisions that aren’t led by the fear of the unknown.


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When in Doubt, Take a Vacation

Actually, take a vacation whenever :) But seriously — sometimes, it’s super refreshing to not think about something for a few days and come back to it with a new perspective.  


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Embrace the Process and Don’t Judge Your Success until You’re Through with The Proces

There are always going to be bigger decisions that we just do not have enough information about to have a clear answer on day 1 though. These are often the scariest because you think you aren’t getting anywhere in making the decision and are stuck in a loop of ‘no clue’.

But embracing and believing in the process really does wonders. Every small step like making a pros and cons list, reaching out to people to gather more information, reading up, eliminating, etc. can make these bigger decisions much less scary.


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Trust and Confidence

Nobody truly understands all the factors that underlie the decision. It’s important to talk to people to help shape your perspective — but ultimately, it’s your decision. And it’s essential to lead it with trust and confidence in yourself.


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Take A Decision To Eliminate Fear Of Taking Decisions

Take a super tough decision. One that you have wanted to take for a while, have had an answer for a while, but you just haven’t been able to bring yourself to take it.

The liberation and sense of closure that you get from taking that decision is unmatched. Suddenly, the rest of the decision making will feel unclogged and the flow of making decisions will be much smoother and uninterrupted.


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