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Take any product that is considered to be best in class, and you can quickly find some issues with it. The iPhone doesn’t offer some of the flexibility of Android. A Tesla doesn’t have the same range as gas-powered cars. Gmail is missing some features that other alternatives provide.

If you can bring data to support your points, your boss should pay attention to that. If your boss repeatedly refuses to see the data, that’s another problem entirely. If you find yourself as the HiPPO in a situation, try to stay open to other ideas and data that may refute what your initial thoughts were.

Let your plans be flexible, but don’t think they can be ignored completely.

Our dashboards work well, but really any method that you use to take lots of data and break it down is an excellent way to provide more value to those you serve.

When you go hiking or camping, you’re encouraged to leave things better than when you found them. We should strive to do the same online.

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