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Ramadan: Islam's holiest month

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Ramadan: Islam's holiest month

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Leave it better than you found it

Leave it better than you found it

There are two main ways you can approach the internet:

  1. You can be patient and giving, contribute to the discourse, and leave it better than you found it.
  2. Work to squeeze every bit of value out of it and not worry about what’s left when you’re done.

Individuals likely have some granular levels between those, but businesses are often much more black and white.


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The Message

For example, I got an unsolicited message on a LinkedIn a few days ago that said the following:

"Our team has launched (redacted), sales & prospecting automation software for Linkedin that allows you to not only automate connection requests and messages you send, but also create campaigns and build sales funnels on Linkedin."


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Automation can be good

Automation can be a good thing. If you find a tool that helps you streamline your workflow, go for it! Computers and the internet can make many aspects of our life much easier, and that should be celebrated.

However, if the primary use of a tool is to reach more people, that’s just called spam. Even if it doesn’t make you look dumb (like Mountain View Ford), you’re still contributing to make the internet a worse experience for everyone.


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When you go hiking or camping, you’re encouraged to leave things better than when you found them. We should strive to do the same online.

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