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The gut and the brain are in constant two-way communication, and the health of one directly influences the health of the other. We rarely think about the impact food that we eat, on our brains, mood and energy levels. When inflammation is present in the gut, less energy is available to the brain and body.

A five-year study of more than 200 self-made millionaires found that they don't watch TV. Instead, an impressive 86 percent claimed they read — but not just for fun. What's more, 63 percent indicated they listened to audiobooks during their morning commute. So how do they find the time to read daily? They adhere to the five-hour rule.

In pursuit of a better life or career, procrastination is the biggest obstacle to overcome. Procrastination is the one thing holding us back from being our best selves and living life to the fullest. But once you learn how to eliminate it from your life, you can quickly move from idea to execution and become unstoppable.

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