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Think of all the times you’ve looked back on your notes only to find they’re filled with incomprehensible nonsense scribbled in the margins and a bunch of totally disconnected ideas that probably made sense when you wrote them. You can learn to take better notes, however, and there are a number of proven note-taking methods you can try out.

Note-taking can help in class or a meeting—and if you do them right, they'll help you afterward as well.

Reading the room is about seeing and hearing what’s both spoken and unspoken. And it’s a skill well worth mastering.

Your success in life depends on your ability to speak, your ability to write, and the quality of your ideas -- in that order. No matter how amazing your ideas are, no one cares unless you can convey them in a clear, compelling manner -- and with emotional intelligence. To become a highly skilled communicator, whether you're an entrepreneur, business owner, or leader, these 10 rules will help you

Learning new things is a huge part of life -- we should always be striving to grow and learn a new skill. Whether you're learning Spanish or want to do math fast, it takes time to learn each lesson, and time is precious. So how can you make the most of your time by speeding up the learning process? Here are 10 proven ways you can start being a quick learner.

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