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Spinning Into Disaster Mode

A fear or feeling of uncertainty is never a pretty picture. This usually happens when we're frustrated about not having control over something or when we feel hurt and criticized.

The feeling of uncertainty is like having someone poke our heart and from then our defense mechanism would start to kick in until it it grows into a continuous blaze until we're in full-on disaster mode and in order to cope with this gigntic fire we either yell, throw a tantrum, shut down, or even isolate ourselves.

But during this time we must remember to be more loving towards ourselves and that it will pass.

Orla Braun (@orlab) - Profile Photo



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Knowing how dinosaurs look

Nobody today has ever seen a dinosaur in real life. We may have seen museum models and illustrations, but we don't know if dinosaurs really looked like that.

The best skeletons are only 90% complete, and even specialists called paleoartists have to make informed guesses.

The best countries to relocate to

With the pandemic, many people were suddenly able to work remotely and were free to explore moving to different countries. To make the transitions more accessible, many countries created digital nomad visas.

  • Researchers found that Norway was the best option for those wanting to relocate for a year or so. Norway has one of the most accessible work visas to use as there's no end date.
  • Mexico was second best, following by Germany, Portugal, and Iceland.
  • The next best countries were Greece, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Spain, and Bermuda.
Not enough time for self-care

Many people struggle to find the time to take care of their mental and physical health. It is especially difficult for students and young professionals that find the need to prioritise their learning and work overwhelming. At the end of the day, they have little remaining energy and motivation to focus on themselves.

But, ironically, taking the time for nurturing our mind, body and spirits can help us be more effective.

The progress we experience from the compounding effect of any habit isn’t immediately visible. As a result, people give up quickly

They don’t realize that every day they show up they’re building momentum. They are moving closer and closer to a breakthrough or inflection point.

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