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The double standard of the return-to-office

The double standard of the return-to-office


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The double standard of the return-to-office

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Managers require staff back to in-person work

Many managers are mandating their employees back to in-person work, yet they come in once every few weeks.

Employees have to begrudgingly complete long and expensive commutes to sit in a small or dark room in a co-working space while the bosses work from home.


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Some bosses claim a lack of space keeps them home, while others might say they don't need to come into the office as they are doing more high-level work. There is also the possibility that some managers see working from home as a benefit of seniority. But it is not leading by example.

Yet not all managers change the rules because they are in power. Statistically, managers were among the most burned-out workers in 2021. Managers act on the temptation to stay home and reduce stress even if they otherwise want to lead by example.


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The impact of an unfair rule

If the manager isn't coming in while they expect their staff to, the absence may be seen as:

  • A lack of care around the most basic of employee needs.
  • It can breed tension and discord as well as break down the foundational relationships needed in a workplace.
  • It can cause a lack of trust and make employees feel ignored or deprioritised.
  • Teams may feel demotivated because they feel they have no control, no autonomy and aren't valued.

This widespread lack of motivation will ultimately impact business outcomes.


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The shift to remote work was quickly applied across the board, but companies struggled to standardise plans. There is no consensus on how often workers should return to the office. This means no one is on the same page and sets the stage for a damaging double standard between managers and reports.

As organisations firm up their remote policies, it will also give some managers less room to interpret rules to their own advantage.


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