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The beginnings of IKEA

The brainchild of IKEA is the late Ingvar Kamprad, a Swedish businessman. He envisioned a store full of functional furniture that's easy to assemble.

He started his first business at age five. He bought matchbooks in bulk and sold them individually. When he was 10, he was selling pens, pencils, seeds for flower, and Christmas tree decorations. Kamprad started IKEA in 1943 when he was 17 years old.

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A brief history of IKEA: From cheap bookcases to Swedish meatballs


The credit score

It is a three-digit number that lenders use to assess your creditworthiness and your ability to pay your bills on time.

  • The score ranges between 300 and 850.
  • The higher the score, the more creditworthy you are, and the more likely lenders will lend you money at a lower interest rate.
  • The FICO score is the most widely used, but there are also other systems.
  • Your history of payments determines your score as well as your credit utilisation.
  • Your credit report determines your credit score.

What Is a Credit Score?


Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
  • This is the most basic indicator of the overall market value of a nation's finished domestic goods and services and the country's health and size.
  • There are two types of GDP: real and nominal. The former is the economic output after inflation is factored in while the latter does not take inflation into account.
  • The GDP is important because it gives us an idea of whether the economy of the country is growing or contracting.

GDP vs. GNP: What's the Difference?


Wealth In The Modern World

Investing is about 9 percent theory, 1 percent execution and 90 percent emotion management.

Not everyone becomes a multimillionaire, at least not in the short run. The good news is that there are a lot of financial opportunities in the world, and it is possible to build wealth using public markets as a long term investment. Investment requires managing our emotions, and not to be bogged down by the ups and downs of the volatile markets.

The Stoic Path to Wealth: An ancient investing strategy for the modern world


For those who are able to see your family in person this holiday season, you can save money by doing a white elephant gift exchange instead of buying gifts.

Another fun activity is cooking a special meal or playing old fashioned charades.

How to Get Through the Holidays Without Going Broke


In 2009, Domino's ad campaign focused on a blind taste test for its new oven-baked sandwiches, claiming that its sandwiches beat Subway 2-to-1.

The people at Subway disagreed, and sent Domino's a cease-and-desist letter. Domino's CEO personally responded in a new ad. The feud died down a couple of months later.

The 12 Most Intense Marketing Wars Ever


Verizon ads compared the companies' superior 3G coverage to AT&T's with "There a Map for That." AT&T hit back with a series of TV spots attacking Verizon network's inability to browse the web while talking on the phone.

Then AT&T sued Verison over the accuracy of its 3G ads, which led to a countersuit. Both lawsuits were dropped.

The 12 Most Intense Marketing Wars Ever


Wealth Is A Relative Term

The definition of wealth is personal. It may mean something different to everyone.

To some people, wealth is always going to mean money. But it's not that straightforward. 41% of people feel "wealthy" if they have meals out or food delivered. Services such as Netflix, Spotify, or Amazon Prime made life feel richer for 33%.

The Definition of Wealth: What It Really Means To Be Wealthy


Two of the biggest innovations

Two of the biggest innovations of modern times are cars and airplanes. At first, every new invention looks like a toy. It takes decades for people to realise the potential of it.

  • Adolphus Greely, a brigadier general, was one of the first people outside the car industry to consider the usefulness of a "horseless carriage." He bought three cars in 1899 for the U.S. Army to experiment with. It was envisioned to be used as transportation of light artillery such as machine guns, to carry equipment, ammunition, and supplies.
  • The Wright brothers saw the prospects of their new flying machine to be used as a reconnoitering agent in a time of war. The U.S. Army purchased the first "flyer" in 1908.
Winning A Lottery

Human beings are not wired to grasp the concept of probability. A chance of winning a lottery, sometimes 1 in 175 million, is not something that bothers us.

The Lottery ticket, selling in billions per year, remains a popular sport in the world, and is something whose appeal has increased during the recent recession.

Why We Keep Playing the Lottery



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