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Lessons from Cash App

Lessons from Cash App



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Peer-To-Peer Money Transfer

Peer-to-peer payment networks are having an extended moment. About 65 percent of Americans are expected to bank online in 2022. Cash and credit card use has been in decline for years and the pandemic accelerated p...

Cash App Lessons: Community

 Cash App didn’t invent #CashAppFriday.

Cash App’s genius was to get on the trend.

#CashAppFridays mark giveaways to people who tweet at it. Cash App figured out that: a) people use financial apps their friends are using, so creating social engagement is ...

Cash App Lessons: Collaboration

Cash App collaborated with everyone from Travis Scott to Red Bull to Cardi B to Meghan Tee Stallion and Miley Cyrus. These collaborations include cash and stock giveaways, tutorials and Cash App financial wisdom. Through linking itself with celebrities, Cash App embedded itself not only in commun...

Cash App Lessons: Curation

Cash App curates its brand narrative around the hustle ethos, hip hop aesthetics, and voices of those who have often been traditionally excluded from the establishment but who are in charge of cultural innovation. Cash App started with empathy for a particular group of people and their particular...

Cash App Lessons: Content

Over time, Cash App created recurring content streams, delivered in Gen Z-meets-hip hop aesthetics and revolving around democratization of investing and improving financial literacy. “Cash App Wisdom” is a series of explainers focused on everything from the basics of stock investing to account pr...

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