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Why the 'Great Remote Work Experiment' may have been flawed

Why the 'Great Remote Work Experiment' may have been flawed



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Remote Working In A Normal World

The great work-from-home experiment has surfaced both good and bad effects.

  • Working from home during the(still ongoing) pandemic has been an extraordinary experience, where almost overnight, we started handling our job, kids, home and everything else without any real...

  • Conversations became foreign, exhausting and soulless with Zoom, even as home offices were being set up in the bedroom or the Kitchen table under a stack of books.
  • These conditions were forced due to the pandemic, as working from home had become an unavoidable necessity. 

The pressure-cooker environment brought in by the pandemic made remote working normal, but now as hybrid working(a mix of remote and non-remote) has started to happen in some companies, people staying at home could feel handicapped or left out, as it is easier to build relations or advan...

Pre-pandemic, successful remote work required the following:

  1. Your working space or home office should be a different room, not where you sleep or eat.
  2. Have a reliable high-speed broadband connection.
  3. One should have at least six mo...

  • The great remote work experiment taught everyone that it is possible to do everything remotely. 
  • Software companies stepped up and offered more for free to ensure that work and education did not suffer.
  • Going forward, communication, flexibility and clarification instead ...

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