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Working overtime: exploitation or opportunity?

Working overtime: exploitation or opportunity?


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Problems with overtime

Overtime is often a symptom of :

  • An overstretched workforce. You may not have enough resources to manage your workload.
  • Poor project estimation or time management.
  • Unrealistic client expectations. Client's are unaware o...

There are times when overtime benefits workers. 

  • Workers can get paid time and a half or even double pay.
  • Workers can take advantage of their individual productive flow. Some may work best in the mornings, and others late at night.
  • Employees feel indepe...

Some companies have clear overtime policies, such as "time and a half". Other companies offer "payment in kind" or counterbalance overtime by leaving early on another day or putting the time worked towards extra vacation days. A sign of a toxic working culture is when the company offer nothing ex...

The impact of working overtime on culture

Overtime can harm company culture. When people willingly work late, it can normalise over time. More people will feel obliged to stay late, and resentment can follow.

People that continually work late suggest that the productive output is valued above being human

Track overtime. It helps employees manage their working hours and protect against abuses.

Actively work against a stay-late company culture. Ensure everyone is clear on the company's overtime policy.

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