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To be blissful is a pleasant state of life-energy, which cannot be disturbed by physical, mental, or emotional causes.


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Maintain daily and weekly family routines. Eat, go to sleep, and do regular family activities according to a predictable schedule. Routines and rituals help establish a family identity, reduce stress, and create a stable, comfortable environment.

In addition to improving communication, regular family meetings can be a major part of your family routine.

Try to practice leaving work at work whenever possible and focus on your family when you're with them.

Make celebrating birthdays and holidays together with a family tradition.

Have meals together as often as possible.

When someone gets home from work or practice late, sit down with them while they have dinner, even if you’ve already eaten. Spending time together and having a conversation is more important than eating at the same time.

Set aside time for regular family activities. Regular activities could include bike rides, walks, or playing cards or board games. If possible, dedicate at least an afternoon or evening per week for a family activity. Keep it low-key, and focus on having fun together and enjoying each other’s company.