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Your Next Five Moves

Your Next Five Moves

by Patrick Bet-David


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✅You need to identify what matters the most to you to put a strategy together that fits your level of commitment and vision.

Making a plan and committing to it will unleash all the energy and discipline you’ll ever need.

🔴How do you want to be remembered?

🔴How do you want to make an impact on other people’s lives?

🔴What does the greatest version of yourself look like?

Rather than competing in games where you’re an underdog, find unexplored new markets in which you can win.

🚫Don’t complain that the game is rigged. Instead, find a game in which you have a differential advantage.

✅You will never reach your goals unless you act like the person you want to be from the very beginning.

The same is true for a company. For any company to be great, it needs to act like a great company long before it ever became one.

Before you act on a problem, you must first “process” what’s happening.

✅Great processing involves:

1. The ability to make effective decisions

2. Subjecting every difficult choice to a rigorous mental analysis

3. Playing out strategies

1. Ask lots of questions

2. Don’t care about being right or wrong

3. Don’t make excuses

4. Embrace challenges

5. Be curious

6. Prevent more problems than you solve

7. Learn to negotiate

8. Focus on permanently solving a problem

Working effectively with others means the difference between enjoying the process and desperately seeking a day job while hiding under your desk.

🔴Instead of being selfish and looking to see what you could take from others, focus on what you could give them

✅The less your business depends on you, the more valuable it is.

As your company grows, you will constantly replace yourself with others.

❌You need to stop asking what motivates people in the abstract and instead ask: What motivates a person?

In relationships, replace “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” with “Do unto others the way they want to be treated.

🥇The number one product is human capital. 

You need someone that makes you accountable for your word. Find someone you respect who is willing to keep you accountable on a weekly basis.

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Your Next Five Moves explores how you can improve your business and your life by learning how to strategize.



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