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How to use storytelling to build culture

How to use storytelling to build culture


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How to use storytelling to build culture

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Stories help us make sense of the world

Narratives strengthen organizations. They build trust, enhance reputation, and move people into action.

Narratives can clarify a shared vision, align teams around a common purpose, and strengthen culture. The strongest organizational narratives start with strategic analysis and result in creative ideas.


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For a narrative to improve reputation, it should tell stories in three areas:

  • What we do well
  • What competitors don’t do as well
  • What our audiences care about

To find answers and put the narrative in motion:

  • Identify which stakeholders to involve at each stage of the narrative development process.
  • Invite colleagues with the skills and authority to manage the narrative process from start to finish.
  • Invite leaders to describe their vision, strategy, and priorities. Ask for specific stories, examples and proof points.


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Distil three or four main stories. The more focused the narrative, the more likely audiences will associate a brand with these ideas.

To identify three or four core storylines:

  • Quickly craft possible narrative directions
  • Choose a subset to test.
  • Test early headlines, themes, and messages for resonance, authenticity, and differentiation.
  • Convene a diverse array of new reviewers for focus groups or one-on-one interviews.
  • Ask reviewers to share tangible examples that bring ideas to life. 


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Deliver the narrative, so it drives sustained and meaningful action

Once the narrative is final and approved, share it within the company in inspiring ways.

  • Ask executives, upper-level managers, business resource group leads, advisers, and others to help craft a successful rollout plan. 
  • Engage managers on how to make the narrative real for their teams. 
  • Start a broader rollout for all colleagues to connect them with the larger company story.
  • Share the narrative externally through images, videos, recordings, and other creative campaigns.


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