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Creating A Culture Of Learning

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Creating A Culture Of Learning

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Cultural competence

Cultural competence

Definition: The ability to understand, appreciate, and interact with people from cultures or belief systems different from one’s own.

A key component of cultural competence is learning to interact with people who have different communication styles (verbal, nonverbal, written, or visual), approaches to problem-solving, and even methods of asking for help.


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Emotional fitness

Definition: A skill that helps you create a more supportive relationship with yourself, your thoughts and feelings, and other people.

Your emotional fitness directly impacts your productivity, creativity, and ability to make decisions and help others. One way you can strengthen your emotional fitness is to simply check in with yourself more often. Every morning, ask: “How am I feeling right now?” Based on your answer, determine how to best accommodate your needs that day. 


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Reverse engineering

Definition: Looking beyond what is evident on the surface and finding a hidden structure — one that reveals both how an object or idea was designed and how it can be re-created.

Reverse engineering can facilitate skill acquisition in any field and is especially useful for knowledge workers whose success depends on their ability to learn quickly and adapt to rapidly evolving industries.


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Planning fallacy

Definition: When we underestimate the time and obstacles in completing a task, even when it contradicts our past experience.

The planning fallacy starts with wishful thinking. Minor (or even major) delays aren’t factored in, and we unwittingly place ourselves in last-minute or worse, past-deadline scenarios.


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Reverse mentoring

Definition: A situation in which a younger or early career professional mentors a senior colleague.

Reverse mentoring helps everyone become more engaged at work. Junior employees are able to access newer social networks, and senior employees gain fresh perspectives or expand their knowledge around new trends.


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